Simplify and Streamline Your RV Travels

The RV lifestyle is known for being an easy-going, relaxing way to live, but it’s not always as easy as it seems. The stresses of finding the perfect campsite, maintaining your vehicle, and keeping your RV as clean and comfortable as possible can start to turn a relaxing lifestyle into a hectic one. Next time you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by your life on the road, try these nine tips for simplifying and streamlining your RV lifestyle.

Clean Up the Mess

After cruising the highway day after day, your RV storage areas, closets, and kitchen may look like a jumbled mess. Start every stay at a campground off right by organizing anything that has been misplaced or moved in your travels. Neatly reorganizing your camper upon arrival will set the stage for a more relaxing and stress-free stay.

Leave the Extras at Home

Always de-clutter your RV before you embark on a trip. If you’re traveling to the mountains this vacation, ditch all of the beach supplies you have cluttered in your storage compartments from the last vacation.

Compartmentalize Everything

Living a compact lifestyle means staying organized is key. Use small bins inside drawers, cabinets and other storage areas to make all of your supplies easier to access.

Go Digital

Start managing your money online. Most banking services and bill payments can be handled online, so you don’t have to worry about late fees or bothering your friends and family with picking up your paper mail. There are even RV-friendly services available to receive your paper mail, scan it, and email it to you if you’re living on the road full time.

Get a Single File Cabinet

With your paper bills a thing of the past, one small file cabinet is enough to keep all of your important documents (passports, maintenance receipts, vehicle registration, insurance, etc.) safe, organized, and easily accessible.

Pack Bungees

Bungee cords are some of the most valuable of all RV travel accessories. To keep drawers from sliding out on hills and turns, strap one end of the bungee cord to the top drawer handle and the other end to the bottom drawer handle. Be sure to bungee your cabinet doors too, even if it involves adding a couple of hooks throughout your RV.

Weather-Proof Your Screen Door

When temperatures are cool outside, you don’t always want to close your RV door and shut out the bright spring light. Buy window plastic from any major hardware store and follow the instructions for installation on the box. This easy-to-use plastic wrap will keep the wind and cold air from entering your motorhome or travel trailer on those sunny days you want to keep your door open.

Bring Some Sage

Sage bundles can be burned (similar to incense) to keep pesky bugs away while you enjoy time outside of your RV. Even better, sage puts off a pleasant smell, and you don’t have to cover your body with greasy sprays.

Use Over-the-Door Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers can hang just about anywhere in your RV to save your tight living space from clutter and disorganization. Hang them in closets, in the bedroom, the bathroom and anywhere in your motorhome or travel trailer that’s easily overcrowded with small items.

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