Helpful Items Under $50 for Your RV

Not everything you buy for your RV adventures has to be expensive. These items can all be attained for $50 or less and will go a long way to making your time in your RV more comfortable and convenient.

Tire Pressure Gauge

You can minimize the chances of a tire blowout by checking the air in the tires frequently. A premium tire pressure gauge – you don’t want a cheapie for this – is a good thing to keep in the RV. An electric air compressor is useful, too, so you don’t have to look for a service station if your tires are low. You can pick up a premium tire gauge for about $30.

Magnetic Flashlight

Pick up a dual light with magnets. One light shines like a regular flashlight and the other casts the light down toward the ground. The magnets allow the light to hang on the fridge or any other magnetic surface so you can always find it. You can find one of these dual lights for about $32.

Collapsing Containers

Since most RVs are short on space, anything that gets smaller for storage is a bonus. You can get collapsible cups, bowls and strainers for easy storage. You can even get a collapsible bin for garbage, laundry and equipment. Prices vary depending on what you are buying, but many items are about $10.

French Press Coffee Maker

For this item, you don’t need electricity – and that’s great if the generator is out of gas or you don’t have a generator. If you’re a coffee drinker, you can pick one of these up for about $32.

Packing Cubes

Pick up a three-piece set of packing cubes for about $25. These will help you organize closets and cabinets. If you have children, the kids could even store some of their stuff in these at the end of their bunks.

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