Creative Uses of Bungee Cords in Your RV

Every avid RV traveler packs bungee cords for every journey. These handy devices help keep things in place, whether you’re worried about cabinet doors opening on the go or a tarp flying away at the campsite. The following three uses for bungee cords are just a few of the countless ways to use bungee cords daily on the go.

Keep Your Drawers in Place

A single turn on the road can send all of your drawers and cabinets flying open. Instead of dealing with the banging of doors and broken items, simply install two hooks at the ends of your rows of cupboards and drawers and stretch a bungee from hook to hook. Cabinet doors will also stay closed if a bungee is stretched from one door handle to another. You’ll never deal with unnecessary messes and spills due to open cabinet doors again.

Make Your Shower Bigger

RV showers leave a lot to be desired, especially in terms of space. Install hooks on the wall where your shower rod would be attached. Instead of using a shower rod, stretch a bungee from hook to hook. You can then wrap another bungee around the shower bungee and pull it to another hook, towel rack or other item when showering. Your shower space will quickly expand every time you need it, but won’t interfere with bathroom space when the shower is not in use.

Keep Your Campground Tarp or Carpet in Place

Using an outdoor carpet or tarp under your awning creates a more inviting place to relax and keeps the interior of your RV free of dirt and debris that is often tracked inside. Keep that carpet or tarp in place by stretching a bungee from the grommets to tent stakes placed in the ground.

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